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Download: Lindsey Buckingham, "Seeds We Sow" (2011)

Here’s a free download of “Seeds We Sow,” the title track and the lead single from Lindsey Buckingham’s forthcoming release on his own Mind Kit Records.

Half Notes: Muse – Black Holes And Revelations (2006)

by Tom Johnson One of the most completely self-indulgent, ridiculously over-the-top fun album I’ve heard that didn’t bear the name Queen. Maybe it doesn’t quite live up to or even near that massive throne, but that’s certainly what Muse is striving for: They’d forsaken their Radiohead fetish and grabbed their sceptors, and luckily it actually worked for once where soRead More

Guilty pleasures: Josh Groban – Closer (2003)

by Mark Saleski I pride myself on knowing a fair amount about music. Of course, what this really means is that I’ve spent way too many hours sitting around listening to records — while no doubt thumbing through some rock publication … Rolling Stone, Creem, etc.) What you might not know is that I’m also quite the opera buff.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Through With Buzz" (1974)

< >> At ninety seconds, it’s the briefest of all Steely Dan songs, and one of only a couple SD recordings where strings accompaniment was used.