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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – The Race Riot Suite (2011)

The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a band that’s clearly relishes keeping people guessing — down to the fictional person in the band name

Half Notes: Decemberists – The Crane Wife (2006)

by Tom Johnson For their major label debut, the Decemberists didn’t pull any punches. If anything, they seemed to have gone off the deep end, as if attempting to get the label to cry fowl. But they played along (“13 minute songs? Sure, why not?”) and we the listeners benefited with this odd, beautiful alterna-prog album that became an instantRead More

Something Else! sneak peek: Tony Bennett with Norah Jones, "Speak Low" (2011)

Tony Bennett, 85 this year and still singing with great dimension and style, is set to release of Tony Bennett: Duets II, Sept. 20 on RPM/Columbia Records. Here’s an early preview of a key track

Joseph Allen White – Things Change (2011)

Joseph Allen White, at one point during Things Change, lays out the central conundrum facing the heartbroken: “How do you make new tomorrows,” White sings during “Circle,” “when you can’t erase the past?”

The Friday Morning Listen: Randy Newman – Harps and Angels (2008)

One more time before … What? Let’s back up a handful of years. At that point, me and TheWife™ had been married for going on ten years and were living out here in the country in our big ‘ole house, working and taking care of my parents