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One Track Mind: Sasha Masakowski, “Life on Mars” (2011)

For a moment, all you hear is James Westfall, playing a plaintive shape on the piano. Then jazz singer Sasha Masakowski slips in behind him, performing in another tongue – sounding like a passing thought that brings you all the way out of a daydream.

Half Notes: Eli Cook – Ace, Jack and King (2011)

An album that starts with this sparks-flying slide, on a song called “Death Rattle,” isn’t fooling around. This, friends, will never be confused with fern-bar blues. That’s obvious, even before Cook opens his mouth to sing — in a voice that’s one part gravel, one part Jack Black and one part shot-gun rows of deep-south dust. Particularly intriguing were aRead More

David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings (2011)

Making up tunes and whiling away the hours with an acoustic guitar on a roof terrace of a flat in an exotic locale like Barcelona, Spain seems like a dream way for one to spend their days.

The Friday Morning Listen: Southside Johnny – Reach Up & Touch the Sky: Live (1981)

So here we are, heading toward the end of another summer. This one seemed particularly quick.