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Average White Band – Live at Montreux 1977 (2011)

Improperly named, the Average White Band was anything but. First off, one of the rhythm guys, at least by this point, wasn’t white. Second, and this is far more important, they funked it up with a vigor and style that would never be confused with average.

John Scofield Trio – EnRoute (2004)

by Mark Saleski It was at a small Japanese restaurant north of Boston (or south of Concord, New Hampshire, depending on your level of Hub-centricness). Sushi. Never had it before. You read about things like this for years. Suddenly, it’s your turn.

Henry McCullough, formerly of Wings: Something Else! Interview

Henry McCullough, formerly of Wings: Something Else! Interview

A talented musician with a roving muse, Henry McCullough took part in signature moments with Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker and Pink Floyd.

Craig Taborn – Avenging Angel (2011)

Finally. After more than four years of noting on this space his key contributions to other people’s records, including list-topping performances led by David Torn, Chris Potter and Michael Formanek, we get to talk about a record actually led by one of the very top keyboardists working in downtown New York today.

Dope Body – Nupping (2011)

by Tom Johnson Some music feels overwhelming. When Battles hit their stride with Mirrored, the first feeling was that, as tight as they were, they felt like the wheels were just moments from being flung off. Or they were strapping you into a tilt-a-whirl that would quickly go out of control