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Something Else! sneak peek: Tommy Keene, "Running For Your Life" (2011)

Tommy Keene is still making what sounds like lost power pop gems from decades back, except they are brand new.

Charles Lloyd – Jumping the Creek (2005)

by Mark Saleski Listeners come to jazz from many directions. They may have a natural attraction to it. Jazz may have been the predominant music playing on their parents’ home stereo

Half Notes: Random Touch – Tributary (2011)

Random Touch, perfectly named, is an accidental neo-prog music collective. Even better, they’ve issued a double album called Tributary, a 23-track, two-hour project, that — again, perfectly named — couldn’t be further from the mainstream. Comprised of found sounds and improvisational asides on whatever instrument is at hand, Random Touch has constructed something that recalls, at times, space music, andRead More

Deep Cuts: Dash Rip Rock, "Endeavor" (1987)

Much of the soundtrack to my college years was set to the tune of Dash Rip Rock, one of Louisiana’s premier party bands. It’s unfortunate that every time I mention the band to someone not from Louisiana or the surrounding states, I’m usually met by a blank stare, or maybe a Flintstones or Beverly Hillbillies reference.

Half Notes: Bryan Carter – Enchantment (2011)

The young man pictured on the CD cover looks barely out of his teens and in fact it’s the picture of a twenty-year-old Bryan Carter, and drummer and composer out of Chicago and a junior a Juilliard at the time of the album’s recording last December. But everything else about his debut record Enchantment is what you’d expect from aRead More