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Rockpile – Live at Montreux 1980 (2011)

Rockpile (maybe the first neoclassicist rockers?) opened the door for every throwback moment of the coming decade — not to mention new wave. Yet this late 1970s-era rockabillying power-pop supergroup came and went so quickly, they rarely get their due.

Mike Zito – Greyhound (2011)

Mike Zito’s new release Greyhound moves with impressive force between acoustic story songs, and these grinding, hellhound-chased blues-rock numbers.

Half Notes: King's X: XV (2008)

by Tom Johnson X equals 10 and V equals 5. So that’s 10 to the tenth power times 5 … carry the 1 … whatever. It’s higher math, but this was, believe it or not, the group’s 15th album. I’m going out on a limb here — I can’t imagine what the “15” meant otherwise. Fourteen albums bearing the King’sRead More

Skip Heller – Homegoing (2002)

by Mark Saleski Artists deserving wider recognition. You see this kind of thing all the time in music polls. And do they ever gain wider recognition? Not usually.

Half Notes: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble – A Fresh Take (2011)

Eugene Marlow’s Heritage Ensemble’s follow-up to last year’s Celebrations CD is also its predecessor. Let me explain. Marlow’s first Heritage Ensemble record, Making The Music Our Own (2006) was Marlow’s first stab at making a record of modern, multicultural takes on old Hebraic (Jewish) music. Since that album was recorded, the personnel has changed and the arrangements evolved. Thus, concludedRead More