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Steve Cropper – Dedicated (2011)

Tribute records are a tricky things; star-studded tribute projects even more so. It takes a strong unifying voice, some central character beyond the featured composer, to save them from sounding like choppy compilations.

Half Notes: Gamelan Tunas Mekar – Kembali Ke Bali (2007)

by Mark Saleski I’ve love gamelan music. There’s just something about all of those interlocking instruments. And where should a person go to hear some great and authentic gamelan music? Why Denver, of course! Gamelan Tunas Mekar is a community orchestra based in Denver. They may be a long way from Indonesia and Bali, but the music is the realRead More

America – Back Pages (2011)

The last week of July was an occasion of joy and pain for the folk-rock group America. Two days after founding ex-member Dan Peek passed away at the age of 60, America released their first album since 2007’s return-to-form Here And Now.

Craig Taborn – Junk Magic (2004)

by Tom Johnson Another slab of envelope-pushing jazz from Craig Taborn, one that relies heavily on the strong improvisatory skills of the band backing his keyboards and piano.

Cathy Jean – In the Remains (2011)

Cathy Jean’s In the Remains darts out with an attitude that’s both confessional and confrontational. She can be equal parts check-me-out and get-the-heck-out.