Something Else! sneak peek: Lindsey Buckingham, “Seeds We Sow” (2011)

“Seeds We Sow,” the title track to Lindsey Buckingham’s sixth solo album, due on Sept. 6, is a darkly introspective triumph — as mysterious and challenging as anything in his often mysterious and challenging career.

Sounding a little grayer, a little quieter, this isn’t the gruffly sexual Buckingham of “Big Love,” or the angry backtalker of “Go Your Own Way,” or even the frisky rabble-rouser of “Trouble.” Yet the conflicts, and the beauty, of Buckingham’s music are still there.

Recording alone, and sounding very much that way, he offers an introspection as sharp and compulsively fascinating as his signature finger-picking guitar accompaniment — moving from the broader complications of this world’s strife to the dilating personal injuries of lost love with the split-second quickness of a pupil tightening.

The release of Seeds We Sow, written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Buckingham, will be followed by a 31-city North American tour that kicks off Sept. 9 and continues through Oct. 25.

“This might be the best work I’ve ever done,” Buckingham has said of this new release. “I think it’s an excellent representation of what I do. It shows a certain maturity and musicianship and I just feel like I have a lot of tools in my musical vocabulary from which to draw that are again the product of the choices I’ve made. It’s on my own terms. This is very much from the inside out and I hope I never stop doing that.”

Nick DeRiso

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