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One Track Mind: David Gogo, “The Way You Make Me Feel” (2011)

A Michael Jackson hit rejiggered as a blues, by a Canadian. It’s enough to make your head hurt. But in a good way.

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown (2009)

by Mark Saleski I wrote this on the back of a printout of a Garrison Keillor appreciation piece on choreographer Merce Cunningham. You wouldn’t think that there would be an intersection between Keillor and Green Day but here’s one: They both appear to annoy people.

Half Notes: Marc Ribot – Rootless Cosmopolitans (2006)

by Mark Saleski One of my favorite guitar players, Ribot defines ‘angular.’ While some of his finest stuff has happened as a sideman (good gawd, he’s all over the fricken place on Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs … and now that I think of it, he applies extra twangosity on Elvis Costello’s “Let Him Dangle” from Spike), Ribot has put outRead More

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Does This Bus Stop At 82nd St?" (1973)

A young Bruce flashes a lot of exuberance in a rambling, upbeat dedication to New York City. Reported points of interest on the song include Bruce’s dad working as a bus driver and Bruce taking a bus trip from Freehold to Manhattan to visit a girlfriend.