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One Track Mind: Katie Costello, “Ashes Ashes” (2011)

There are these moments, throughout the fiery emotional aftermath of “Ashes Ashes,” where Katie Costello gives herself over to the lyric, and the sound is like a hot wind rushing past and out into the world.

Branford Marsalis – Footsteps Of Our Fathers (2002)

by Mark Saleski You’ve gotta love what Branford Marsalis is all about. In today’s music industry, where creativity is mostly overlooked in favor of bottom-line issues, Branford made a break in advance of this album from his long-time record label

One Track Mind: Joe Jackson Trio, "Sunday Papers" (Live, 2011)

Most of the time, good timing is a matter of being lucky instead of being good. For Joe Jackson’s very first album Look Sharp! (1979), he wrote and recorded a ditty “Sunday Papers,” blasting the British tabloid press with lethal doses of sarcasm.