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Something Else! Featured Artist: Supertramp

Supertramp was many things over its too-brief period of hitmaking — art-rockish proggers, post-Beatle popsters, kinda-classical rockers, memory-defining radio monoliths. There was much to love as they moved, over the course of the early-1970s to the early-1980s, from the esoteric to the very top of the charts

Laura Ellis – Femme Fatale (2011)

The deeply talented Laura Ellis gets going quickly on Femme Fatale, as if in midsentence, on the knowing and lightly ribald “I’ve Been Kissed Before.” As she sings a lyric about moving past previous relationships into new adventures, a brightly swinging horn section featuring Terry Harrington and Bob O’Donnell hit bright retorts, like a lover’s friendly quarrel.

Sam Barsh – I Forgot What You Taught Me (2008)

by Mark Saleski This album had two strikes against it before I heard a single note: 1. the almost nude shot on the back cover, Barsh covering what mama gave him with a melodica and 2. keyboards.

Cheer-Accident – No Ifs, Ands Or Dogs (2011)

Being in a town known for some mind expanding and often quirky acts (Tortoise, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Vandermark 5, etc.), Cheer-Accident stands out in their hometown Chicago.