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One Track Mind: Curtis Fuller, "Sweetness" (2011)

Well-known from the first as a trombone player with a penchant for warm, vocalized blues phrasing, Curtis Fuller was always an underrated composer, as well

Ween – La Cucaracha (2007)

by Tom Johnson It had been four long years since Ween graced us with a new album of weirdness. In that time, they did slip out the fantastic Shinola Vol. 1, a collection of odds and ends that includes their Pizza Hut jingle that apparently didn’t go over so well

Half Notes: Afuche – Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match (2011)

The closest musical cousins to the whack jazz quintet Afuche that comes to mind are fellow Brooklyners Little Women and the Italian trio Treo: they share some of Little Women’s penchant for highly agitated thrash jazz and Neo’s total unity between harmony and rhythm. At least, that’s what I take away from listening to their second full-length album, Highly PublicizedRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: The Beach Boys – The Warmth Of The Sun (1964)

As I drove down the hill into our town last night, I looked up at the horizon to see the mountains, usually nice and green, wrapped in an odd haze of gray. At 7PM, it was still 90 degrees.