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Henry McCullough – Unfinished Business (2011)

Henry McCullough, the ex-Wings and Joe Cocker sideman, explores what comes after superstardom on the new Unfinished Business a just-released album from Silverwolf Records. There are demons dealt with, memories rekindled

Half Notes: Ron Wood and the First Barbarians – Live from Kilburn (2007)

by Mark Saleski Ron Wood was still a member of The Faces when he put out I’ve Got My Own Album To Do. This live recording (and DVD) is from that tour, featuring Wood on guitar, Faces buddy Ian McLagan, and even an appearance by Rod Stewart. Future Rolling Stones cohort Keith Richards is there, too. I’ve always been moreRead More

Leonardo La Peruta Quartet – The Emotional Touch (2011)

Leonardo La Peruta begins The Emotional Touch with a series of skillful runs on the saxophone, almost like a call to arms. “Desperate in Blue” eventually settles into a lithe rhythm signature, but not before La Peruta has served notice

Marillion – Marbles (2004)

by Tom Johnson When Marillion returned in 1991 with Holidays In Eden, their second album with “new” singer Steve Hogarth, long-time fans decried it as the death of their favorite band. The album was an abrupt shift, dropping the heavily Genesis-inspired prog-rock of their past for a much glossier, more commercial “pop” sheen.