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Something Else! sneak peek: Karmakanic – In a Perfect World (2011)

by Fred Phillips Karmakanic had me from the name of the band.

Marshall and Lichtenberg – Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg (2010)

by Mark Saleski Most people think of the mandolin as being a rootsy, countrified kind of instrument. Surely there is no denying the rich history of the bluegrass side of the mandolin.

Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped (2006): Half Notes

by Tom Johnson Can a band mature and continue to challenge themselves and listeners? Rather Ripped answers yes. Sonic Youth may not wail away with walls of squealing distortion like they used to but Rather Ripped‘s lyrical focus on relationship troubles is backed by their trademark angular pop that will never be mistaken as band taking the easy way out.Read More

One Track Mind: John Wetton, “The Last Night of My Life” (2011)

“Last Night” fades in with a tactile urgency, as Austrian jazz fusion guitarist Alex Machacek plinks, splonks, and then gets all bendy. It’s easily the best performance — and, really, the best track — on John Wetton’s new Raised in Captivity

Half Notes: Elliott Sharp and Carbon – Larynx (2007)

by Mark Saleski Elliott Sharp does two things very well: construct very thought-provoking compositions and make scary, scary noise in the realization of those compositions. Larynx is a reissue from 1988. You know, the holiday season is in full swing. Maybe you need some music to block out the stress? OK, I’ll admit that I haven’t heard this album, butRead More