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Mike Keneally and Metropole Orkest – The Universe Will Provide (2004)

I was a little disappointed with guitarist Mike Keneally’s initial release of 2004, Dog. It seemed to be lacking a little something physical, some cohesive element, in the music, but where it worked it worked great.

Half Notes: Jae Sinnett – It's Telling … A Drummer's Perspective (2007)

by Mark Saleski Wow, sometimes you just stumble onto a little gold. Jae Sinnett’s kit work manages to channel bits of my favorite drummers (Jeff Watts, Tony Williams) while retaining his own thing. It’s very inspiring to be witness to a player who can muster great power when necessary and still dial back to great levels of sensitivity on theRead More

Something Else! sneak peek: Paul McCartney, "Coming Up" (remastered audio stream)

To get you ready for the Concord Music Group’s deluxe June 14 reissue of Paul McCartney’s 1970 solo debut McCartney as well as 1980’s McCartney II, here’s a new remastered audio stream of “Coming Up”

Half Notes: Anti-Social Music – Is The Future Of Everything (2011)

Last year, the outlaw chamber music cooperative Anti-Social Music did something that was out of the ordinary for a democratic cooperative and presented songs only by of its thirteen members, Pat Muchmore. But there has never been anything ordinary about ASM to begin with. In one sense, you can call Is The Future Of Everything, released April 19, a returnRead More

Dapp Theory – Layers of Chance (2008)

by Mark Saleski Some people really have the wrong idea about jazz. They think that most of it falls into two very broad categories: traditional, where guys in suits play an introductory theme before taking turns soloing over the developed chord changes; and avant-garde, also known as “cats-on-piano” jazz, where everybody just plays whatever the hell they want because, reallyRead More