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Something Else! Interview: Lenny White, of Return to Forever

Fusion jazz drummer Lenny White is prepping for a reunion with the newly expanded Return to Forever, which will make 32 stops in the U.S. beginning in Pittsburgh

Half Notes: Five-Eight – I Learned Shut Up (1993)

With a name for the record books (said to be the average height of American males), a hometown that couldn’t have hurt and a finely honed screamer-guitarist, Athen, Georgia’s Five-Eight planted itself in the center of all that was groovy in what was then called Alternative Rock. Mike Mantione, the aforementioned singer-instrumentalists (who’s 5-7, by the way), has a coupleRead More

Matt Schofield – Anything But Time (2011)

Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Alvin Lee, Robin Trower and the late Gary Moore … all part of British blues guitar legacy. But try to name someone who came of age after the 1960s and belongs in that company? Matt Schofield may be the one who should be the first mentioned.

Half Notes: Nicholas Urie Large Ensemble – Excerpts From An Online Dating Service (2009)

by Mark Saleski On Nicholas Urie’s MySpace page, we’re informed that “This isn’t your grandma’s big band!” No kidding. With lyrics taken from actual online dating service recordings, the thematic content would make grandma raise those eyebrows. I was hooked upon hearing “Bad Girl?,” which starts off with a kind of standard dating service introduction: “I am a forty-two yearRead More

Forgotten series: Tin Machine – Live: Oy Vey, Baby (1992)

by Tom Johnson I think Tin Machine was unfairly dismissed. Consisting of two studio albums and this live disc, and featuring David Bowie and guitar-genius Reeves Gabrels