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Guilty pleasures: Norah Jones – Feels Like Home (2004)

by Mark Saleski Smack in the middle of the initial Norah Jones explosion (remember? When it seemed like the radio was tryin’ to brainwash you by playing “Don’t Know Why” every 20 minutes or so

Brainkiller – The Infiltration (2011)

Remember last month when I said I have more examples of weird-assed trios coming up? Here’s another one. Inspired by the long running Ray Anderson-led BassDrumBone trio, Brainkiller has Brian Allen manning the trombone and Hernan Hecht on drums, but substitutes the bass for keyboards and effects by Jacob Koller.

Half Notes: Ayelet Rose Gottlieb – Up to Here/From Here (2009)

by Mark Saleski To call Gottlieb a jazz singer is to miss the point. The problem is that that description brings to mind names like Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and Abbey Lincoln. Those tremendous artists have their own fine voices but Ayelett Rose Gottlieb is not here to provide a re-experience of that tradition. Instead, Gottlieb breathes new life intoRead More