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Gary Wright – Connected (2011)

Gary Wright’s life around the Beatles continues, as he helps kick off the UK leg of Ringo’s ongoing All-Starr Band tour today at Hampton Court. Wright’s newest album Connected also includes a turn from Starr — as well as a continuation of his decades-long collaborations with George Harrison.

Half Notes: Bill Frisell – Live (1995)

by Tom Johnson My first real exposure to jazz was either John Coltrane’s Sun Ship or this. Time has erased the gap between the two, but it matters little. Either way, I was in way over my head. I bought both in quick succession, but found Sun Ship simply way too much and traded it in shortly. Somehow, I heldRead More

Forgotten series: Aerosmith – Honkin' on Bobo (2004)

by Fred Phillips As I listen to the awful new solo work coming out of the Steven Tyler camp and begin to come to grips with the fact that my favorite rock band is dying a slow, painful death, I think back a few years

Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – East Atlanta Passover Stomp (2009): Half Notes

Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – East Atlanta Passover Stomp (2009): Half Notes

Out of Atlanta comes a large band of a very different kind: a ten-piece group that is built on the idea of combining afrobeat and klezmer music. Though they are more of a local outfit, they’ve gotten the attention and praise of musical tastemakers all over America and even across the pond. They descriptively call themselves the Fourth Ward Afro-KlezmerRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – Growin Up; Joe Jackson – A Slow Song

At the end of last weekend, I watched Fellini’s 8 1/2. Turns out that might not have been the best idea for a Sunday evening.