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Adrian Belew, of King Crimson: Something Else! Interview

Adrian Belew, of King Crimson: Something Else! Interview

We talked to Adrian Belew during an extended hiatus for King Crimson. But it’s not like he’d been sitting idly by.

Half Notes: Dizzy Gillespie/Sonny Stitt – Duets (1958)

Half Notes: Dizzy Gillespie/Sonny Stitt – Duets (1958)

An underappreciated Dizzy Gillespie record on Verve, includes some s-s-smokin’ thoughts of “Con Alma” — two, in fact.

Orrin Evans – Freedom (2011)

You might say that top-notch jazz pianist Orrin Evans has become a fixture here at SER. It all got started four years ago when we noted his participation in Robin Eubanks’ EB3 unit that made the phenomenal double-CD Live, Vol. 1 of 2007. Early last year we salivated over Evans’ Bobby Watson tribute Faith In Action, a Best of 2010Read More

One Track Mind: Katie Costello, "Isn't It Lovely" (2011)

Opening with the old-world charm of an accordian and trumpet, at once lonesome and timeless, Brooklyn-based Katie Costello’s “Isn’t It Lovely” slips into your head like a thief. The whole song has a similar cunning, never going too far yet always beckoning

Duke Ellington – Live at the Whitney (1995)

Early on, you never heard much piano from Duke Ellington, a grievous thing. It was only in the twilight of his career that this American jazz master regularly consented to taping some shows where his impish wit at the instrument could be heard front and center.

Half Notes: Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team – When the Oakteam Comes to Town (2007)

by Mark Saleski There was a time when the purchase of a new album resulted in yours truly spending an insane amount of time locked into his bedroom, pouring over liner notes while rattling the walls with that most recent vinyl object of my affection. It’s records like this one that remind me of those days. Anderson plays straight aheadRead More