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Paul McCartney – McCartney; McCartney II (1970/1980; 2011 reissue)

These two Paul McCartney albums show a willingness to strip down what had become a varnished sound. But they haven’t aged in the same way.

Best wishes for ailing E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons

by Mark Saleski The news reports have been (necessarily) very sketchy at this point. All we know is that Clarence Clemons has suffered a stroke.

Half Notes: Otis Spann – Last Call (1970)

This remarkable lost classic was not released until 2000 — because the tapes were thought to have been destroyed … until they were found in a warehouse in 1999. Done just three weeks before Otis Spann’s death from liver cancer, Muddy Waters‘ most sympathetic pianist is featured primarily with his wife’s fiery vocals (Spann was too weak to join in).Read More

Black Country Communion – Black Country Communion 2 (2011)

I can still remember a time when hard rock bands played music that had a lot of soul, meaning and depth. When the music meant more than the image. When listening to them lifted you up, not brought you down.

Peter Brotzmann/ Mats Gustafsson/ Paal Nilssen-Love – The Fat Is Gone (2007)

by Mark Saleski I have to purchase my Peter Brötzmann only very occasionally because it takes a while to get over the blatant intensity. Recorded at the Molde International Jazz Festival, this is really what European improvised jazz is all about. Well, maybe not all, but certainly a side of it. You know how some folks will characterize slower musicRead More