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Steely Dan Sunday, “The Boston Rag” (1973)

Steely Dan Sunday, “The Boston Rag” (1973)

There aren’t a whole lot of lyrics to this Steely Dan song, but I’ve never been quite able to decipher them. No one else seems to be too sure what they mean, either.

Half Notes: Paul Motian/ Joe Lovano/ Bill Frisell – Time And Time Again (2007)

by Tom Johnson This trio is basically Bill Frisell’s home away from home, it seems. If he’s not putting out his own solo album, it seems like you can almost count on something from this trio sooner or later, where he indulges his more straight-ahead jazz tendencies. The joy in listening to a group like this, of course, is inRead More

Mike McGuire – Beyond the Ark (2011)

Americana singer-songwriter Mike McGuire travels a land of heavy weather, echoing church bells, sad tales and long memories. But he never lets go of the one thing that binds us together: Faith, in ourselves, in our future paths, in our country. It’s something that adds a sustaining power to Beyond the Ark, even as the Louisville, Kentucky, resident deals withRead More