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One Track Mind: James Cotton and Billy Branch, "Rocket 88" (2011)

Like an aging boxer making an heroic late-round stand, James “Superharp” Cotton brilliantly tangles on a timeless favorite from his 1960s tenure with Vanguard, giving fellow harp master Billy Branch all he can handle.

David Bowie – Reality (2003)

Just over a year after Heathen hit stores, David Bowie was back with another dose of his recently — once again — re-invented self. (Hey, at least we got a few albums in a row from this persona.) Having successfully shed his largely unsuccessful “industrial” leanings with the dark and introspective, but stilted, Hours …, Bowie put out his bestRead More

Steve Earle – Jerusalem (2009)

I know what I like, but you won’t find me setting any rules. This is as close to a “philosophy of music” as you’re going to get out of me. That idea has been the driving force behind most of the stuff I write about, especially when there’s “musical evangelism” involved. My ears take something in and they demand thatRead More

Half Notes: Nilson Matta and Roni Ben-Hur – Mojave (2011)

Israeli-born guitarist Roni Ben-Hur and Brazlian-born bassist Nilson Matta head a date with percussionist Café (another Brazilian) and American drummer Victor Lewis in tow, called Mojave. While the title might conjure up images of the American Southwest, pay closer attention to the native country of both the bass player and the percussionist, because it is the rich musical heritage ofRead More