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One Track Mind: Wadada Leo Smith's Organic – "Don Cherry's Electric Sonic Garden" (2011)

The music of Wadada Leo Smith, no matter the setting, is spiritual, mesmerizing, purposeful and often dense. We found out back toward the end of ’09 just how dense his music can be

Dawn Harden – A Lifetime (2011)

There is this deeply personal texture to A Lifetime, a redemptive 10-track journey through love’s rocky terrain. French jazz-pop singer-songwriter Dawn Harden wrote or co-wrote, with pianist Patrick Pernet, all but one of the songs, giving the record a lasting resonance. She starts with “Traces,” a lovelorn tale of a lost passion presented in a trembling, almost confidential way. It’sRead More

The Who – Live at Leeds (1970)

This album documents The Who at their most ferocious. Roger is in great voice. Moon is a dynamo on the drums, his kit sounding like it might fly apart at any second. Entwistle’s bass, as always, is far more than an anchor. And then there’s Pete Townshend — Live at Leeds is a showcase of Townshend building a giant wallRead More

Something Else! Interview: Bill Summers, of the Headhunters

The Headhunters, who with Herbie Hancock crafted jazz music’s first platinum release, return this month with an aptly titled new project — Platinum.