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Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Fe’ … Faith (2011)

Intense and beautiful, Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s new Fe’ … Faith, is this meditative wonder. Like the earth making its inevitable yearly circle, Rubalcaba returns time after time to themes and thoughts — but never approaches things exactly the same twice.

One Track Mind: The Jesus Lizard, "Mailman" (1996)

by Tom Johnson “Mailman” is singer David Yow’s tale of a woman being stalked by some creepy bastard who likes to send her little love notes through the mail.

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation – Mighty ReArranger (2005)

by Mark Saleski Back in Led Zeppelin’s day, it was near to impossible to twist the radio dial (yeah, radios had dials back then … think of a radio dial as an ancient, manual hyperlink, without the Internet or computers or any of that stuff

Half Notes: Dave King – Indelicate (2010)

by Mark Saleski A piano and drum ‘duo,’ all played by Dave King. Yes, the drummer for The Bad Plus not only has piano skills as well but also a big piles of ideas to play with. Grooves would of course be expected, as well as dissonance and stumbling rhythms (“Arts High Boogie,” “Highly Varnished Academic Realism”). There are momentsRead More