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Claudio Scolari/Daniele Cavalca – Colors Of Red Island (2011)

Usually when we’re on the topic of a record led by a drummer, the story will be about a bandleader and sometimes, the primary composer, who also happens to be the drummer.

Half Notes: Dan Pratt Organ Quartet – Toe The Line (2010)

by Mark Saleski You just can’t go wrong with the B-3. Saxophonist Dan Pratt might be running the show, but it’s B-3 player Jared Gold who is the secret weapon here. Secret weapon #2 (Wait, is it OK to have two?) is trombonist Alan Berber. Go ahead and check out the snazzy unison play the three of them cook upRead More

Forgotten series: Tortoise – Tortoise (1994)

by Tom Johnson I suppose the most effective argument I could make to indicate that this album got under my skin is that during the fourth track, titled “Onions Wrapped in Rubber,” I was imagining scenes from the 1986 sci-fi thriller Aliens.