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Michael Wolff, jazz pianist: Something Else! Interview

Endlessly engaging, Michael Wolff was praised by the New York Times for “near impeccable good taste, technical facility and lyrical inventiveness.”

Half Notes: Elvis Costello – North (2003)

by Tom Johnson Elvis Costello makes yet another shift in his career, this time to take on the persona of a jazz crooner backed by an orchestra arranged and conducted by his own bad self. Does it work? Depends on your view of Elvis: If, in your world, he’s the punk-influenced rocker from 1977, probably not. Those who enjoy Elvis’Read More

Half Notes: Chris Green Quartet – Merge (2009)

by Mark Saleski I do like my jazz with some funk, and Chris Green delivers. The opening track “Good Riddance!” cooks right along as does “Coffee ‘n Scotch,” built on a simple ostinato that gets moved around in sly ways as the funk slips into and back out of straight swing. The album hits a couple of delicious peaks duringRead More

Edith Wilson – He May Be Your Man … But He Comes to See Me Sometimes (1973)

A pioneer as just the third African American woman to make a phonograph recording back in the 1920s, Edith Wilson later fell on hard times — and was reduced to appearing through the mid-’60s (and quite anonymously) in the first Aunt Jemima TV commercials.