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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – Rocket Science (2011)

Sometimes old really is new again. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones existed as a trio for a handful of years after harmonica/pianist Howard Levy left, only to ask consistent fill-in saxophonist Jeff Coffin to join their ranks.

Something Else! Featured Artist: Bob Dylan

In honor of Bob Dylan‘s birthday today, Something Else! Reviews presents 7 for 70 — our list of top recordings from across the 70-year-old’s lengthy career. We were careful to select at least one project from each of his five decades in music

Sean Jones – No Need for Words (2011)

Sean Jones does something with No Need To Words” that’s sorely needed: Talk about love in a complete way. Not just the romantic part, or the passionate part (though that’s here, too) but the other parts — the angry parts, the melancholy parts. The part where you thank a parent for everything she did; the part where you try toRead More

Black Francis – Bluefinger (2007)

Frank Black is dead, long live Black Francis. Or maybe he was just resting. I don’t know, honestly, why he changed back to the Pixies-era moniker, but it didn’t really matter. Black turned out the best effort since his first couple of solo albums, and it was equally as strong and catchy a piece of work as either his self-titledRead More

Houndog, featuring David Hidalgo and Mike Halby – Houndog (1999)

Los Lobos guitarist/accordian player and all around musical polyglot David Hidalgo got together with vocalist Mike Halby (Canned Heat, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers) to create this fantastic chunk ‘o blues.

Half Notes: Melvin Jones – Pivot (2011)

Listening to this record before I even read Melvin Jones’ liner notes, I already knew what he meant by the title of this debut album by him. It’s an album that has many shades of jazz on display, and the constant is the pure, malleable trumpet voice of Jones. So I had to nod in agreement when I read Jones’Read More