Half Notes: The Black Keys – Magic Potion (2006)

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by Tom Johnson

Every genre seems to get reinvented every so often. Jazz had its renewal a few years back, and now the blues seems to be burbling under again, beginning into the early 2000s with the success of the White Stripes. But the White Stripes got nuthin’ on this (also) duo of guitar and drums. The Black Keys reach back into the blues’ swampy past to pull at the greasy, grimy roots and get something good and gritty. This is the kind of stuff you always hear modern guitarists talking about listening to, but you never hear a whole lot of proof in their own music that they actually listened to anything beyond some old Zeppelin records. The Black Keys actually deliver.

Half Notes is a quick-take music feature on Something Else! Reviews, presented whenever the mood strikes us.

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