One Track Mind: Blondie, "Rapture" (1980)

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Recently, there’s been some talk about the latest date purportedly marking the End Of Times, and if I remember correctly, that day is today. So if the biblical calculations are correct this time, this will be my sign-off post. Hey, it’s been real. Read this fast, in case you’re one of the lucky ones who gets teleported to the Big Happy Endless Party In The Sky.

The Internet has made it possible for doomsayers to spread their message of prognostication to a wider audience via web sites and social networking, eliminating the need to go on street corners wearing placards admonishing every passer-by to repent. Safer, quieter street corners, me thinks that’s a good thing.

So is it going to happen? I wish I could bet the bank on it not happening, because if I’m wrong, no one’s gonna to be around to collect, anyway.

In any case, Rapture has already come to Something Else! Reviews. Well, sorta…

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