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Nasar Abadey and Supernova – Diamond In The Rough (2011)

Washington D.C. percussion specialist Nasar Abadey has earned his stripes over decades performing with some of jazz’s towering figures like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Pharoah Sanders and Sonny Fortune.

Half Notes: Talking Heads – The Name of this Band Is … (1982; reissue)

by Tom Johnson A definitive entry in the Talking Heads’ catalog this was somehow out of print at one point for, what, nearly two full decades? I was lucky enough to stumble upon a bootleg copy of the vinyl a while back but the sound quality was pretty rough; there was no doubt it came from a well-loved copy ofRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Healing The Divide (2009)

Vacation Part 2. Oh my, it feels so good to downshift. With no daily work regimen to get the stress train moving (beyond making sure that there’s enough coffee for the next day), the relaxation response takes over.

Forgotten series: Johnny Winter – Guitar Slinger (1984)

Gas up Johnny Winter’s Guitar Slinger if you’re in the mood for some good old hell-raising Texas blues.

Half Notes: Taylor Haskins – Taylor Haskins + Recombination (2011)

Taylor Haskins, who’s done an impressive amount of soundtrack work, has put out an appropriately cinematic project here. Originally recorded in 2009, but just issued by NineteenEight Records earlier this month, Taylor Haskins + Recombination begins with the soaring sunrise of “Morning Chorale,” moves on into the rush-hour bustle of “Upward Mobility” and then the shimmering lyricism of “A LazyRead More