Robert Fripp – Exposure (1979; 2006 reissue)

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King Crimson mastermind Robert Fripp finally got around to re-issuing his first solo album in 2006, one that manages to cover pretty much all the bases he would ever touch upon — arty rock, post-punk, new wave, noise, it’s all there.

And finally it’s there as Fripp originally planned it — as it was never released on CD in this fashion. (Well, more or less: The Blondie/Fripp collaboration “I Feel Love” recorded for this project is still not included.)

Plus, there is a second disc of the more familiar version of the album with a completely different mix and a smattering of bonus tracks featuring, believe it or not, a certain Daryl Hall — before he and John Oates began to burn up the charts in the 1980s with very, very different music.

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