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Half Notes: Avi Wisnia, “New Year” (2011)

Insistent but quiet, Avi Wisnia begins with a bracing confidentiality, gently pulling you in the pillowy reverie of “New Year.” But, just like that, Wisnia shakes himself awake as Renee Warnick’s swooning voila surrounds him, moving from the brink of resignation into a contagious confidence: “Never turn your back on the way things are. They are what they are supposedRead More

Christopher Cross – Doctor Faith (2011)

The new Doctor Faith, Christopher Cross’ first original studio album in 12 years, occasionally finds him taking a darker — hell, I’ll just say it, crankier — view of things.

Robert Fripp – Exposure (1979; 2006 reissue)

King Crimson mastermind Robert Fripp finally got around to re-issuing his first solo album in 2006, one that manages to cover pretty much all the bases he would ever touch upon — arty rock, post-punk, new wave, noise, it’s all there. And finally it’s there as Fripp originally planned it — as it was never released on CD in thisRead More