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Steve Lukather, of Toto: Something Else! Interview

Steve Lukather, of Toto: Something Else! Interview

Steve Lukather discusses the complicated history of Toto’s lead singers, and why he still keeps a copy of ‘Meet the Beatles’ in heavy rotation – even today.

One Track Mind: Karrin Allyson, “April Come She Will” (2011)

Grammy-nominated singer and pianist Karrin Allyson starts “April Come She Will” in the same melancholy mood as the Simon and Garfunkel original, then pushes the tune into a gently swinging cadence. That rhythm, trickling along like a babbling brook, contrasts nicely with her wood-grained, country-inflected delivery of the lyric — giving “April,” a meditation on love’s ebbs and flow throughRead More

Something Else! sneak peek: Aaron Comess, “Past, Present and Future” (2011)

If “Past, Present and Future” from drummer/composer Aaron Comess, a founding member of the Grammy-nominated, 10-million album-selling Spin Doctors, sounds like two people talking at once, that’s kind of the point.

Half Notes: Pat Casey and the New Sound, "Canteloupe Island" (2010)

We’ve heard this all before, right? Not exactly: The New Orleans-based Pat Casey opens the second of two interpretations of Herbie Hancock tunes with a gurgling bass before Rex Gregory and Ashlin Parker join in with on sax and trumpet, respectively, to restate the swinging, salacious, but by now unfortunately very familiar theme. Then everybody makes way for Danny Abel,Read More

Popa Chubby – Stealing the Devil's Guitar (2006)

by Derrick Lord It has long been the first trap any musician must jump once they hit it big. A successful record means a lot of people hear your music and from that point on you have a decision to make

Matana Roberts – Live In London (2011)

A few years ago when I sat down and took a stab at identifying some up and coming women in a world of instrumental jazz still dominated by men, one of those ten names that came to mind was avant garde saxophonist Matana Roberts. After moving to NYC from her Windy City hometown she finally led a record, The ChicagoRead More