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Stella by Starlight, “Julie” (2011): One Track Mind

South Carolina’s Stella by Starlight is an entertaining electropop amalgam of modern and distinctly old-school sounds, one part mixtape-from-your-dad’s-vinyl-collection and another part post-modern-hipster-songcraft.

King Crimson – The Condensed 21st Century Guide (2006)

by Tom Johnson King Crimson has been a chameleon throughout its four decades of existence, not just shifting to reflect the times but also acting as a sort of quality-assurance agent

Nicholas Payton – Sonic Trance (2003)

by Mark Saleski Why do people hit a musical wall at a certain point in their life? They stop listening to anything put out after their high school (or college) years. Worst of all: they just stop listening. Music is no longer a part of their life.