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Something Else! Interview: Roots rocker Sherman Ewing

Sherman Ewing’s Single Room Saloon arrived with a sound that is at once intuitive and raw, but somehow well-worn and familiar, too.

John Adams – On the Transmigration of Souls (2002)

by Derrick Lord It happened much the same way these type of things usually do — be it Elvis, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin … whatever: Late one night, roused out of sleep by a sound on the radio you’ve never heard before, or can’t quite place

Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (2009)

by Mark Saleski My first exposure to Dave Matthews came shortly after Under The Table And Dreaming was released. I’d heard an interview with him (I want to say that it was a Fresh Air/Terry Gross thing) and was intrigued. No, that’s not the right word.