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Robbie Robertson – How to Become Clairvoyant (2011)

Robbie Robertson – How to Become Clairvoyant (2011)

The Band’s Robbie Robertson, who has always fashioned rock songs from our myths, takes a more personal turn – with mixed results.

Dave Holland – :rarum X (2004)

During the first year or so of my post-college life, I developed a habit of visiting my local record shop every Saturday afternoon (it goes without saying that I already had this habit, maybe not so firmly attached to a particular day). It was an unassuming little store hiding in a nondescript strip mall. Nothin’ special, really … but itRead More

Warren Zevon – Stand In The Fire (2007): On Second Thought

There are moments in time, musical moments, when things come together perfectly. Warren Zevon’s ‘Stand In The Fire’ was one of them.

Frank Zappa – Trance-Fusion (2006): Forgotten series

Listening to excerpted guitar solos is like viewing abstract art: It’s a glimpse of something that doesn’t necessarily have to make sense in the general definition of the term.