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One Track Mind: Kermit Driscoll with Bill Frisell and Vinnie Colaiuta, "Great Expectations" (2011)

Pardon me as I continue on the topic of Bill Frisell The Sideman on an interpretation of a Miles Davis fusion deep cut

Haley Dreis – Taking Time EP (2011)

Speaking from the heart is one thing, but to sing from that tender place — to reveal just how vulnerable you are on stage — takes a different kind of courage. And Haley Dreis, the South Carolina classical fiddle player turned budding popular songsmith, has that courage.

The Friday Morning Listen: Kansas – Leftoverture (1976)

She walked into English class. I took one look at her blonde hair, her bright yellow blouse, and (dear me) her smile and was (as I’m fond of saying) gone.