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One Track Mind: Arild Andersen with Bill Frisell, "Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams" (1981)

Some time ago…two years and three months ago to be more precise…we raved on the double-bass mastery of the Norwegian ECM Records mainstay Arild Andersen, and noted then that he “may not be the first name that comes up when one thinks of the greatest living acoustic bassists, but he’s at least earned the right to be considered somewhere onRead More

Keith Horn – Rock Scissors (2011)

by Nick DeRiso Keith Horn is a tinkerer, someone who hammers things together to see what they can become. But, as with every workshop, having the right tools can make or break a project. Luckily Horn, a Los Angeles-based television composer since the early 2000s, has the cinematic chops to match a sweeping vision. “Macho’s Nacho Thing,” the musically variedRead More