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Sherman Ewing – Single Room Saloon (2011)

by Nick DeRiso There are songs you listen to with one elbow jutting out a car window, the gas pedal cutting into the floor mat. Then there are the things that open up different vistas, albums that bring you around to quieter places — sounds that force you to stop and take stock. Sherman Ewing’s rootsy new Single Room SaloonRead More

Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron It’s become a late winter tradition for three years running: covering a new release by the most successful electric blues artist of late, Joe Bonamassa. In ’09 it was The Ballad Of John Henry, then ’10 brought us Black Rock. The short story on the reviews I gave on those two is that we are witnessingRead More

The Cars, “Sad Song” from Move Like This (2011): Something Else! sneak peek

You expected the Cars, reformed without the late bass-playing vocalist Benjamin Orr, to come out with a sad song. Not a track called “Sad Song” that sounds anything but.

Tom Gullion – Carswell (2009)

by Mark Saleski Back in the late 1980s, there was a backlash of sorts against the new traditionalist tendencies in mainstream jazz. Wynton Marsalis and his cohorts had come along to celebrate (and honestly, expand upon) the early strengths of bop and, as usual, the major labels started releasing like material by the truckload. Listeners tired of the “young lions”Read More