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Jake Fryer/Bud Shank Quintet – In Good Company (2011)

photo: Gordon Sapsed by S. Victor Aaron Just before kickoff for the Fiesta Bowl played the other day between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Connecticut Huskies, the sad story was told about the starting UConn cornerback who was senselessly stabbed to death during the prior football season. The night before his murder, Jasper Howard and his teammates celebrated a bigRead More

One Track Mind: Hannah Miller, "All My Love" (2010)

One Track Mind: Hannah Miller, "All My Love" (2010)

Photograph by Caleb Chancey by Nick DeRiso Hannah Miller sings in a raw, emotionally available register that occasionally goes so high it’s almost outside of her control. That lends a heartrending urgency to songs like “All My Love,” released in August as part of a four-song EP called Journey to the Moon. With her partner away, Miller briefly considers aRead More