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The Best of 2010, Part 3: Fusion Jazz

Upon reflecting back on the year, I’ve concluded that Torben Waldorff’s American Rock Beauty ranks up there among 2010’s finest fusion jazz records. by S. Victor Aaron It’s been a great year for fusion records, as there has been an abundance of new ideas and well-recycled old ideas. Moreover, there’s a wide diversity of ideas, at least, if your ideaRead More

The Ramblers – Getting There (2010)

The Ramblers – Getting There (2010)

by Mark Saleski I’m trying to remember when it was. It was definitely during a pop music fad that involved a lot of synthesizers and other electrical accoutrements. Maybe it was the New Wave era…or maybe when The Prodigy hit it big. All I know is that I caught this interview with a musician who was proclaiming that acoustic instrumentsRead More

Maya Beiser – Provenance

by Mark Saleski It’s amazing to look back at the Golden Age of Spain (9th to 15th century) with modern eyes. In this era, the idea of multiculturalism has become loaded with political import (both good and bad), making it tough to accept the idea of so many diverse cultures working together as anything more than an aberration. On Provenance,Read More

Natalie Merchant – Leave Your Sleep (2010)

by Mark Saleski On paper it looks like a mess. A mess that has been done before. For lyrical source material, take a bunch of words written by a cast of poets both famous and not. Set the poetry to music. Then, record the songs with a huge assortment of musicians, again both famous and not. We’re talking over oneRead More