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Amitie, featuring Danick – Voyage d’armour (2010)

Amitie, featuring Danick – Voyage d’armour (2010)

by Nick DeRiso Voyage d’armour, French-born Danick Isabelle Jawer’s thrillingly intricate new collaboration with Amitie, captures the affection, the sorrow and the music of a relationship – whether the listener speaks her native tongue or not. That’s thanks in no small way to Amitie (“friendship” in French), a trio from Seattle that skips along with a jaunty insouciance, yet neverRead More

Half Notes: Gene Pritsker – Varieties Of Religious Experience Suite (2010)

Gene Pritsker is a guitarist and bandleader whose written over 370 compositions, has worked closely with the late Joe Zawinul and has orchestrated major Hollywood movies. His band Sound Liberation plays an amalgamation of rock, jazz, chamber, minimalism and hip-hop. Varieties Of Religious Experience Suite is a series of related compositions — as in an opera — but instead ofRead More

Half Notes: Anti-Social Music – Fracture: The Music Of Pat Muchmore (2010)

I have a real appreciation for classical music, but I’m not what you’d call a fan. Generally speaking, music’s either gotta be free or unpredictable like jazz or straightforward and powerful like rock or blues; classical music tends to not have either of those qualities. That can’t really be said about the maverick chamber music troupe Anti-Social Music. As theRead More