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Jason Robinson – The Two Faces Of Janus (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron I’ve always had a hard time distinguishing West Coast jazz from East Coast jazz by ear. I mean. I know it’s supposed to be a more smoothed-out “cooler” variant of the vigorous, sometimes jarring jazz that comes out of NYC and I know that guys like Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker and Bud Shank are closely associatedRead More

Tony Savarino – Guitaring (2010)

Tony Savarino – Guitaring (2010)

by Nick DeRiso The worry, with any rock-guitar virtuoso’s recording, is that it will quickly devolve into onanistic noodling. But Tony Savarino’s Guitaring adroitly sidesteps the problem with a keen eye for variety, and a welcome sense of unselfishness in the studio. The Boston-bred musician is a dabbler, with a finger in everything from rock to funk, from soul toRead More