The Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)

My initial impression of the first release of all new songs by this major act in twenty-eight years is that this is a record that plays to all their strengths: crisp songwriting by the Frey/Henley partnership (“I Love To Watch A Woman Dance” is drop dead gorgeous), simple but precise musicianship and gorgeous harmonies.

In fact, the harmonies sound even better than during their heyday; we’re talking CSNY good, people.

Just as Don Henley promised in his recent Billboard interview, this isn’t a record that bothers in the least to follow any trend, it’s unabashedly an Eagles record. Like another prominent seventies band who avoided creative fallout in the 1980s and 1990s simply by not releasing new material during that time, Eden looks poised to provide the Eagles a Steely Dan-style comeback.

As Henley sings, “I’ve been waiting in the weeds,” the Eagles seemed to be doing just that before springing their perfected blend of country, rock and folk on a public that’s most likely ready to hear this kind of music again.

S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron is a CPA and mid-level data analyst for a Fortune 100 company by day, music opinion-maker at night. His musings are strewn out across the interwebs on,, a football discussion board and some inchoate customer reviews of records from the late 1990s on Amazon under a pseudonym that will never be revealed. Contact him at