Bob Dylan – Good As I Been To You (1992)

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As noted, a “leak” of some new Dylan tracks from his own record label (ahem) got me back into the stacks – and back into Bob.

We’re mixing and matching here, old and new, relevant and pee-yew. That’s Dylan for you … raising our sights, but occasionally frustrating our desires, as Rolling Stone magazine’s David Fricke once said.


Dylan goes unplugged, but without the fawning audience or the MTV residuals.

Solo — even during a session where he defiantly sidesteps the conventions of your average vocalist — Dylan remains unrivaled.

In fits and turns, he reclaims both the cranky folk (“Blackjack Davey”) and the loose blues feel of his first album (“Sittin’ on Top of the World.”)

Nick’s Picks: “Little Maggie.” And “Froggie Went A-Courtin'” — which you might remember as You Get a Line and I’ll Get A Pole from “The Andy Griffith Show.”

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