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Forgotten series: Shines and Lockwood – Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood (1993)

by Nick DeRiso While the performances on “Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood,” from Shreveport, Louisiana’s Paula Records, are first-rate, unfortunately the sound quality early on is spotty. Some of the source material was slightly damaged on the Shines sides, resulting in a couple of gurgly spots where the sound falls out completely. Sit tight, however, This eventually works out.

Gimme Five: Overlooked jazz guitar recordings by Emily Remler, Larry Coryell, Pat Martino, Danny Gatton, John McLaughlin

by S. Victor Aaron My look at jazz guitar records that didn’t get their due.

Julian "Cannonball" Adderley – Somethin' Else (1958)

by Nick DeRiso What an unmitigated triumph for all involved. And what a cast it is: There’s Miles and Cannon, course. (Adderley had left his own group in 1957 to join Miles.)

Gimme Five: Overlooked jazz piano recordings by Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck

We already did piano men, but they were all by underrecognized artists. Now, it’s time to look at albums by the big names that didn’t get the kudos of their better known companions, but should have:

Junior Wells – Pleading the Blues (1979)

by Nick DeRiso The year was 1959. The occasion was a “Battle of the Blues” at the Blue Flame Club in Chicago. Young harmonica player Junior Wells — who got his start as Little Walter Jacobs’ replacement in Muddy Waters’ band back in ’52 — probably didn’t imagine he would come in second. After all, he had already ready putRead More

Eric Bibb – Good Stuff (1997)

by S. Victor Aaron Son of little-known folk singer Leon Bibb, Eric Bibb grew up listening and meeting musicians like Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan — and his uncle, pianist and composer John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Eric has become more of a name in folk and blues circles in Europe and released his first album there inRead More