The Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang (2005)

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An event has occurred that hasn’t happened in eight years…the Rolling Stones released a new record.

It was also an event that hadn’t happened in over 25 years: the Stones actually released a good record.

I listened to ‘A Bigger Bang’ expecting a lot of the generic glossy pop of their more recent output. Instead, the classic mid-period Stones sound is back. That sound is updated, for sure, and Mick’s voice is deeper. But Jagger’s swagger is back.

Keith Richards (who actually sings with some effort on a few tracks) and Ronnie Wood are playing together as well as ever. And Charlie Watts can still lay down some mean rhythms when called upon.

Richards and Jagger put forth a solid set of songs that may not take risks like “Sympathy For The Devil” but there’s not a real clunker in the bunch.

It’s not perfect by any means; the album does contain a couple of eighties reminders and tapers off a bit in the end, but the energy is there and every track is distinguishable from the one before. Most importantly, this record actually sounds like the same band who put out Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers even if it’s not up to par with those classics.

And at this point, that’s plenty good enough for me.

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